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Hi Ahmet Beautiful site and Congrats to you. Jasper (Welsh Springer) was a puppy 3 years ago when he came to you and you have trained him and me so well that I cannot praise you enough. Jasper is always so well looked after and enjoys being with you. He loves the walks , hospital visits and getting trained !! We just have to say your name and he sits up and waits for you to come or for me to take him to you . Your skills and dog handling experience are fantastic and puppies and dogs are so well socialized and trained when they come to you . Though I have moved to Lincoln I know I will be bringing Jasper to you when I am going away on holidays . You school visit to Willow Tree with Jasper was so interesting and informative and the children loved it when you came to my class as they learnt so much about 'How to look after dogs'. Jasper loves you and being with you that whenever he comes home he sulks ! You do pamper them !!Thanks so much Ahmet and Bill . When I get my second puppy I will send him to you for sure . 

With love and luck 
Lakshmi and Shiv Krishnans 
Currently in Lincolnshire

Hi Ahmet, liking your new website. Ahmet has been walking our 2 year old German shepherd for about two months now. We are very pleased with the service he provides. Ahmet walks him 3 times a week and we can see an improvement already. We will be sending Max on one of his training courses and hoping Ahmet will train us too. Ahmet is a very nice trustworthy person, he has a key to get into our place to get Max while we are a work. We would gladly highly recommend Ahmet dog walking service to anyone who is interested. You'll love it as we do and we know our Max does too. Well done to you Ahmet and thank you very much for helping us. We love looking at pictures he's taken and put on Facebook we see our Max enjoying himself playing with other dogs. Thanks again to the best dog walker know. 

Jackie and rob


Ahmet has been looking after Jesabel and Bear for nearly 3 years for me. He has trained them to a very high standard and has looked after them when i am away for a weekend or been on holiday. Ahmet has his own key to my house and has been a life saver on many occations when i have been stuck at work and the dogs have needed excercise. Ahmet is a lovely man you can trust and I can not recommend him highly enough. 
Kind regards 
Nathan Brown

Thank you for looking after my dog, Alfie. Your training has really made a difference to his behaviour. He is much better at socialising, even after just a week with you. The first time Alfie stayed with you, as a puppy, he really responded to your training and we have never had any problems with recall and the basic commands that you taught both me and Alfie. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Murphy, Belgian Malinois
Just a note to update on Murphy...!
I had him castrated on 19th February and of course had to keep him in on short lead walks for 10 days which was ideal to follow up the training he had done with you the week before.
Over the past weeks we have gone back to our normal routine and the change in him has been incredible.  8 out of 10 times I call him and he becomes straight back and sits before I even ask (I then make him lie down).  If we see another dog in the distance I tell him to leave and he carries on with me and it is an absolute pleasure to walk him.  I am sure the castration has stopped his distraction problem but the training and techniques we have learnt from you have enabled me to feel I have control of Murphy which was all I ever wanted!
I am sure there will be a few incidents along the way and I am sure we will need some more training in the future but until then thank you very much from Murphy and me!
kind regards
Gus, Pomeranian
“The level of service at Dog Walk Plus is fantastic. Having been a customer for many times, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!” Maggie 
Pixie, Yorkshire Terrier
I am going to try so hard to do what you told me. You are the best dog trainer in the world and I know all your hard work will pay off eventually. My brothers have even noticed a difference with me as I do sit most of the time when I am told and sometimes even lay (even if it's on my back). I will miss seeing you so much, but when I have learnt a bit more, I will come back to show you what I've learnt, and it will all be down to your wonderful training. I am going to tell all my friends about you.
Imbiss is doing well.  he seems much calmer now.  I've had the confidence to let him off the lead and he has enjoyed it.  Sometimes he is more interested in the smells around and it takes a few attempts to get him to look up, but he'll come back when I call.
Many thanks for your help,
Nicola & Imbiss
Hi, How nice to hear from you.  Imbiss is doing really well now.  He's turning into a wonderful dog, still prone to pulling, but with the aid of a harness, and avoiding the route that goes past the cats house, we can cope quite well!! He plays happily with other dogs now, and comes with me when I call and walk away,  hes takes much less notice of joggers and cyclists as long as he sees them coming from the front. He is off the lead for walks unless on the road, no longer 'bounces' the children, and is generally brilliant. Age is calming him, but i think the basic work you did with him last year made such a difference.  He is not the most obediant dog on this planet, as he always has to look to see why you are recalling him, but he does do mostly what hes told.  It is amazing the amount he does know when food in the kitchen is involved.  He can walk to heel, sit, bow, down, leave it, stay etc - no problem at all, but food is not so interesting outside unless he finds a chip wrapper on the ground!! Good luck with your new venture, 
Best wishes  
Nicola & Imbiss
Tilly, Labrador cross Collie
Hi Amhet, Thanks again for all your good work with Tilly - she definitely seems to be a reformed character! We've been practising in the garden as suggested and she walks beautifully to heel (even off lead), sits, stays, leaves when told, etc. We've only been out of the garden a couple of times and she was quite well behaved - she saw a dog in the distance, looked and then ignored it.Thanks and Best Wishes, Barbara
Alice, German Shepherd
Dear Ahmet,
You'll be glad to know that Alice is continuing very well with her training and we are both enjoying it.   We walk down to the friend's field where I train her, about a mile with no pavements, and she is really good.   
 Best wishes,
Alice, German Shepherd                                                                                                                                               
Dear Ahmet, 
I've been meaning to send you an update on Alice since our follow-up session in May!  I've worked on all your suggestions and she's just kept improving in every way - when we're out walking on the road she doesn't react to anything, even dogs rushing out of their gates.  Walking off-lead, her recall still isn't 100% if she wants to greet another dog but we're getting there.  You were so right when you said she'd enjoy agility - she loves it!   I also take her once a week to a social meeting with the Walkabout Group, mainly GSD's, and she really enjoys that too.  The older dogs teach the young ones how to behave in a pack situation and she also has the opportunity to have a good romp with dogs her own size.
Alice's stay with you and all that she, and I, learnt from you laid the foundations for the happy and rewarding relationship we all enjoy now - so 'thank you' from us all! 
I've attached a recent photo.
With best wishes,
Tilly, Labrador
Hi Ahmet,
I thought you might like to know how Tilly is getting on. She is generally being brilliant - I couldn't have wished for more. To begin with I took her to a grass field twice a day where we keep our horse and just went through everything I had done with you. She has been very receptive and is getting better by the day. She walks to heel and will stay while I walk ahead about 50 yards. Sometimes she is distracted by smells - I let her have a smell and then call her back to heel which she does immediately. In the evening we go back to the field for more training. She is also much better in the garden and isn't constantly barking at people and dogs on the other side of the wall. If she does bark we tell her 'no' and she stops immediately.
Thank you so much for all your help, Ahmet - you have given us all hope for the future and taken such care with Tilly. She clearly adored you.
I look forward to hearing from you when you have time.
best wishes
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust.  Dog Walk Plus was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

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