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Dog Walking Tips

Tip 1: Say hi to others who are walking their dogs and you will soon gain a group of dog walking friends - and so will your dog.

Tip 2: Make sure your dog is under control, especially when off the lead. If you think that your dog might misbehave off the lead, get one of the expandable-type leads.

Tip 3: Don't regard walking your dog only as a duty. Try to make it something both you and your dog enjoy. If you have a car visit different parks - this will make your walks a lot more enjoyable.

Tip 4: Most dogs will need a one big walk a day - a minimum of 45 minutes for a healthy dog. It can, of course, be for longer or you can have more than one big walk a day. It's all about your daily schedule.

Tip 5: Even though you might have the friendliest dog in the world, think about other dogs and those people who are nervous or even terrified of dogs.

Tip 6: If you see someone rushing to put their dog on the lead when they see you and your dog, make sure that you keep your dog under control. That person either has an aggressive dog or is not confident that he/she can control the dog off the lead.

Tip 7: No matter how much you trust your dog off the lead, PUT YOUR DOG ON THE LEAD when walking near or by a busy road!!

Tip 8: If you’ve got a new puppy and you think he/she is frightened of the dogs that come near you, DO NOT pick your dog up. Let the puppy explore and learn from others. If you are unsure about the other dog, ask its owner whether his/her dog is friendly towards others.

Tip 9: Dogs usually love running in long grass, playing in the snow, swimming in a lake or in the sea - even in dirty puddles and mud. Let them experience these. You might, perhaps, try to avoid those muddy puddles, but don't worry too much. Try to create a good set up at home for cleaning muddy dogs after their walk.

Tip 10: Don't forget to equip yourself well when you go for a walk. In hot weather, water and a portable bowl will help you a lot. Poo bags are a must, and it’s a good idea to take some treats. Keep an extra lead in your car. If you have an aggressive dog, you will feel more secure and confident if you take a muzzle out with you.

Thanks Michael for helping me writing this.

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