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Dog Training with a Toy as a focal point. Aston is a beautiful Border Collie very clever and very quick to learn. but as a breed need his exercise regularly.


Sometimes we take dogs for a bit of swim, it is always a great fun!!! Both our furry friends and we love it. Let's face it who wouldn't like to get a bit wet in a scorching hot :)

Bruno learning how to swim

Staff Bruno, learns how to swim

Dog Training With

Walking on the heel off the lead with a toy as point of focus.

Dog Training with

I also did some protection training my military times.

Dog Training With

Hope this gives you an inside into training dogs using toys as the focal point. American Bulldog (Ciara)


Rocky stayed with me about 6 weeks I really enjoyed his company very much, he was a great dog. I still in touch with his owner and he is still a great dog.


He is a lovely boy and he is absulately became part our family.

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